Is Sharekhan Reliable?

Which broker is better than Zerodha?

Compare Zerodha Vs Fyers brokerage, charges, leverage, margin, demat account and intraday trading….Zerodha Vs Fyers.ZerodhaFyersType of BrokerDiscount BrokerDiscount BrokerSupported ExchnagesNSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEXNSE, MCXAccount TypeFlat Brokerage PlanFlat Fee Brokerage PlanYear of Incorporation201020153 more rows.

Is sharekhan a listed company?

It offers a broad range of financial products and services including securities brokerage, mutual fund distribution, loan against shares, ESOP financing, IPO financing and wealth management….Sharekhan.FoundedFebruary 2000CEOJaideep AroraIndustryFinancial ServicesParentBNP ParibasURLSharekhan.com4 more rows

Is Zerodha really free?

This platform is absolutely free since August 24, 2018. Here, you can make your investments without any commissions. With the help of Zerodha Coin, you can have Direct mutual funds in DEMAT form, with the convenience of one portfolio across equity, MF, currency, etc.

How much margin does sharekhan give?

ShareKhan provides up to 32 times margin on the intraday trading on stocks (MIS). Brokerage charged is 0.10% of the traded value.

What is cash limit in sharekhan?

That is, you can trade with “Limit Against Shares” that you hold in demat account, provided that the minimum value of shares is Rs. 1 Lakh. The Non-cash limit which you can avail is 50% of the value of the scrips in your demat account with Sharekhan.

Is Zerodha better than sharekhan?

The brokerage of Zerodha Max Rs 20 per trade while the brokerage of Sharekhan ranges between 0.1 to 0.5%. Zerodha is a Discount Broker where Sharekhan is a Full Service Broker. Zerodha is having overall higher rating compare to Sharekhan. Zerodha is rated 4.5 out of 5 where Sharekhan is rated only 4 out of 5.

Which is better angel or Zerodha?

The brokerage of Angel Broking Max Rs 20 per trade while the brokerage of Zerodha ranges between Rs 20. Angel Broking is a Full Service Broker where Zerodha is a Discount Broker. Overall rating for both the brokers are equal with rating 4.5 out of 5.

Does sharekhan charges for mutual fund?

There are NO account opening charges or any annual maintenance charges levied by the broker for using Sharekhan Insta MF. … Furthermore, the broker does not charge any fees for your mutual fund’s investments either.

How are STT fees calculated?

STT will be Rs. 100 on the Buy side calculated at 0.1% on Rs. 1000*100*0.1%=Rs. 100 & Rs.

Which demat account is best in India?

Here is the list of 9 best demat account in India.Zerodha demat account.Upstox demat account.5Paisa demat account.India Infoline (IIFL) Demat account.Sharekhan demat acccount.Angel Broking demat account.ICICI Direct demat account.HDFC Securities demat account.More items…•

Is sharekhan free?

Sharekhan trading platform is available for free to all customers.

How long does it take to withdraw money from sharekhan?

In the case of withdrawals, i.e. to transfer funds from the Sharekhan Demat account to your bank account, it generally takes 2 to 3 business days for the funds to reflect/be credited to your bank account.

How can I close my sharekhan account?

Sharekhan Demat Account Closure Through BranchVisit the branch and ask for an “account closure form”.Duly fill the form and attest it (in case of a joint account, all the account holders must sign the form).Do not forget to attach l the unused DIS.Submit the duly filled form in the branch office.

Which account is best for demat?

Best Demat Account in India – List of Top 10 Demat Account OnlineRankBrokerRatings1Zerodha Demat Account8.60/102Angel Broking Demat Account8.30/103Sharekhan Demat Account8.18/104Edelweiss Demat Account8.14/106 more rows•Jan 10, 2020

What is sharekhan turnover charges?

Sharekhan Transaction Charges – Example As mentioned in the table above, for Equity delivery, the transaction charges are 0.00325% of the turnover. If you want, you can use the complete brokerage calculator to know brokerage, taxes, your overall profit and more by using Brokerage Calculators.

What is intraday limit for cash in sharekhan?

The Sharekhan Intraday Margin is 32 times, which is one of the highest amongst the traditional brokers and way higher than any discount brokers. This means Sharekhan Intraday Limits can go up to Rs. 32000 with only Rs. 1000 in your trading account.

What are the charges of sharekhan?

Sharekhan Brokerage ChargesSegmentBrokerage FeeEquity Delivery0.50%Equity Intraday0.10%Equity Futures0.10%Equity OptionsRs 100 per lot4 more rows•Feb 6, 2020

Is Zerodha better or Upstox?

Compare Zerodha Vs Upstox brokerage, charges, leverage, margin, demat account and intraday trading….Zerodha Vs Upstox Brokerage.ZerodhaUpstoxAccount TypeFlat Brokerage PlanUpstox BasicEquity Intraday Brokerage₹20 per executed order or .03% whichever is lower₹20 per executed order or 0.05% whichever is lower9 more rows

When can I withdraw my stock?

Current securities rules give brokers two business days to finish the settlement process, so that’s when your money will be available for withdrawal. One thing to note is that if you have a margin account, then your broker might let you take cash out before your trades settle.

How can I buy future in sharekhan?

How To Buy Options in SharekhanVisit Sharekhan website and log in using the ID/password given in the mail.Go to TradeNow section of the website.Understanding Option Chain.Place a Buy Call/Put Option Order.

Who is owner of sharekhan?

BNP ParibasSharekhan/Parent organizations