Question: Does Circumcision Reduce Sensitivity?

Do you lose sensitivity after circumcision?

Few data are available concerning the consequences of neonatal circumcision on penile sensitivity in adults.

New research reported in The Journal of Urology® indicates that there are no differences in penile sensitivity for a variety of stimulus types and penile sites between circumcised and intact men..

Does circumcision improve performance?

Contrary to men’s pre-VMMC concerns that circumcision may impair sexual performance, satisfaction, and pleasure, the findings from this study suggest that both men and their partners can expect equal or increased sexual satisfaction as well as improved penile hygiene following VMMC.

Does Circumcision Remove nerves?

Some health experts claim that circumcision can reduce sexual sensation, as the procedure removes thousands of nerve endings in the penis. In fact, a 2007 study found that the glans of the uncircumcised penis was more sensitive to light touch than the glans of a circumcised penis.

How long does the sensitivity last after circumcision?

If the bleeding does not stop, get in touch with your surgeon. Glans sensitivity – the glans (head of your penis) will feel extra sensitive for the first two weeks after the operation. This will then settle down and over time you will notice that the glans becomes less sensitive than it was before the operation.