Question: How Long Do You Have To Live In A Council House Before You Can Exchange?

Can I take over my mum’s council house?

You can take over the tenancy and stay in your home if you were married to or in a civil partnership with the person who died.

You’ll also need to have been living in the property as your main home.

You might still be able to take over the tenancy if you weren’t married or in a civil partnership with them..

How much discount do you get on a council house?

You get a 35% discount if you’ve been a public sector tenant for between 3 and 5 years. After 5 years, the discount goes up by 1% for every extra year you’ve been a public sector tenant, up to a maximum of 70% – or £84,200 across England and £112,300 in London boroughs (whichever is lower).

How long do you have to live in a council house before you can buy?

3 yearsYou must have been a council or housing association tenant for at least 3 years in total. This doesn’t have to be continuous or in the same property.

Can I exchange my council house?

You can also apply to swap your home with someone else who rents a council or housing association home. This is called ‘mutual exchange’. You’ll need to get your landlord’s permission to move and meet any requirements that your new landlord has. Your landlord is the council or housing association you pay rent to.

How can I increase my chances of getting a council house?

You can apply to the local housing register to increase your chances of getting accommodation. There are also options to get such a dwelling at a lower rent (70 to 80% of market rate).

Can a mutual exchange be refused?

There are, by law, 11 grounds on which the local authority can withhold or refuse consent to a mutual exchange: Ground 1 – There is a Possession Order on the property. Ground 4 – The property is not big enough for the family wishing to move into it. …