Quick Answer: How Can I Be Responsible Online?

What makes you a responsible digital citizen?

Being a responsible digital citizen means using technology appropriately and operating online safely and knowledgeably.

Understanding and operating according to the concept of responsible digital citizenship helps you respect, educate, and protect yourself in others online..

How can I be responsible for social media?

Tips for Responsible Social Media UseOwn your image, personal information and how these are used. Pay close attention to the Terms of Use on apps and websites. … Obtain permissions when posting videos or images of others on your networks. … Scrub your accounts. … Password diligence. … Spread love, not hate.

What are the three rings of responsibility?

What are the three Rings of Responsibility? Self, Friend and Family, Larger Community Page 5 5 RINGS OF RESPONSIBILITY / LESSON PLAN DIGITAL LITERACY AND CITIZENSHIP IN A CONNECTED CULTURE © 2012 www.commonsense.org What is one important responsibility you have in the online world? Students’ answers will vary.

What are rings of responsibility?

Students brainstorm about offline communities they feel responsible to in their school, neighborhood, or city. They then sit in circles, which depict the “Rings of Responsibility,” and explore responsibilities they have to themselves, friends and family, and offline and online communities.

How do you explain responsibility to a child?

A responsibility is something that you’re expected to do; it’s your job. When you don’t meet your responsibilities, there are consequences, or things will happen as a result of not doing your job. It’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you admit them and try to make things right.

How do you teach students to be responsible?

Here are a few suggestions:Model Responsibility. … Let students help you out with small jobs. … Build in a classroom job system. … Show students how you want things to look via photographs. … Praise student for being responsible. … Provide structure so that students know what to do.More items…

What are 5 ways to be a good digital citizen?

5 Tips For Good Digital CitizenshipRemember the Golden Rule. … Keep Private Information Private. … Think About The Future. … Be Mindful of Your “Brand” … Be Yourself.

What are digital responsibilities?

Digital Responsibilities: Responsibility to download music, videos, and other material legally. Responsibility to model and teach student expectations of technology use. Responsibility to keep data/information safe from hackers. Responsibility not to falsify our identity in any way.

What are five social media etiquettes?

5 Social Media Etiquette Rules Marketers Should Always FollowDon’t just respond, initiate. Yes, it’s important to be responsive when social users talk about you. … Do your research before using hashtags and other platform features. … Create customized content for each platform. … Don’t be a robot. … Use direct messages for the right reasons.

What are the netiquette rules for social media?

Follow these basic rules of netiquette to avoid damaging your online and offline relationships.Make Real People a Priority. jhorrocks / Getty Images. … Use Respectful Language. … Share With Discretion. … Don’t Exclude Others. … Choose Friends Wisely. … Don’t Email Large Files. … Respect People’s Privacy. … Fact Check Before Reposting.More items…

How can I be a good citizen?

1. A Good Citizen is Patriotic.Brush up on your country’s history.Read up on social studies.Obey the rule of law.Pay your taxes.Learn the national anthem.Fly your country’s flag.Don’t litter or engage in acts of vandalism that deface your environment.Travel around your country and talk to your fellow citizens.More items…

What is an example of digital rights and responsibilities?

Key Digital Responsibilities: Use appropriate language and behavior when interacting with others (i.e. no cyberbullying) Respect the opinions and ideas of others. Obey all intellectual property laws. Do not use or share others’ work without permission.

What is an example of digital law?

Examples of Inappropriate Digital Law Using someone’s downloaded purchase for yourself because it happens to be on your machine. Using more than what is allowed by the fair usage guidelines. Downloading pirated movies. Sharing music you downloaded with a friend.

How do students become good digital citizens?

To be a good digital citizen, students should be sure to always give credit to the original poster if they decide to share something that isn’t owned by them. Those posting stolen content can also be sued, and students avoid this dilemma by giving credit of the original sources to content.

How can I be responsible?

9 Ways to Take Responsibility for Your LifeTake responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. … Stop blaming. … Stop complaining. … Refuse to take anything personal. … Make yourself happy. … Live in the present moment. … Use the power of intention. … Feel calm and confident.More items…

What are 4 ways to become a citizen?

There are four main ways to obtain U.S. citizenship they are:Citizenship through naturalization.Citizenship through marriage.Citizenship through parents.Citizenship through the military. Citizenship Process #1: Gaining Citizenship through Naturalization. A green card is key to becoming a naturalized citizen.

What are some examples of digital security?

Devices such as a smart card-based USB token, the SIM card in your cell phone, the secure chip in your contactless payment card or an ePassport are digital security devices because they give you the freedom to communicate, travel, shop and work using your digital identity in a way that is convenient, enjoyable and …