Quick Answer: How Much Do Stockers At Lowe’S Make?

How much does a receiver Stocker make at Lowe’s?

The typical Lowe’s Receiver Stocker makes $12 per hour.

Receiver Stocker hourly pay at Lowe’s can range from $10 – $16.

This estimate is based upon 87 Lowe’s Receiver Stocker salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods..

Does Lowe’s pay weekly?

Is the pay period biweekly or weekly? You get paid biweekly, with potential for quarterly bonuses if customer service reviews are good storewide.

How much does a night stocker at Lowe’s make?

The typical Lowe’s Night Stocker makes $12 per hour. Night Stocker hourly pay at Lowe’s can range from $10 – $16.

How much do Home Depot stockers make?

The typical The Home Depot Overnight Stocker makes $12 per hour. Overnight Stocker hourly pay at The Home Depot can range from $10 – $14.

How much do stockers make per hour?

Stocker SalariesJob TitleSalaryKohl’s Stocker salaries – 295 salaries reported$24,390/yrLowe’s Stocker salaries – 237 salaries reported$31,161/yrWalmart Stocker salaries – 233 salaries reported$11/hrWalmart Stocker salaries – 195 salaries reported$11/hr16 more rows

Who pays more Lowe’s or Home Depot?

Lowe’s has 3,054 more total submitted salaries than The Home Depot.

Is it easy to get hired at Lowes?

The company receives around 400,000 job applications a year, but hires a little over 20,000 people. In other words, getting a job at Lowe’s is difficult, especially due to the candidate assessment process and the in-person interview.

Does Lowes hold your first paycheck?

No they hold a week. … Your first paycheck will be the second one (two weeks from the following Friday).

How many hours is considered full time at Lowes?

As I recall when I worked in the store, full-time meant you had at least 32 hours per week. You’re not guaranteed 40 hours as a full-time employee. How does Loews expect to be better than Home Depot when most of the Lowe’s employees try hard to not engage any customers?