Quick Answer: Is ITC Debt Free Company?

Should I buy ITC shares now?

The shares of ITC, a tobacco and FMCG major, have been underperforming the market for a while now, raising concerns for its shareholders….ITC: Value buy or value trap?Brokerages on ITCRecommendationTarget PriceCLSABuy₹ 220CentrumBuy₹260B&K SecuritiesBuy₹353Kotak Institutional SecuritiesBuy₹2403 more rows•Oct 20, 2020.

Is L&T debt free?

L&T had a consolidated debt of Rs 1.24 trillion as of March 2019, with the finance cost of Rs 9,354 crore last year. The consolidated debt includes a debt of Rs 91,504 crore of its finance company. … Our standalone debt after reducing cash is not high for the size of the organisation.

How much cash does ITC have?

RETURN ON ASSETSBalanceSheet – ITC Ltd.Rs (in Crores)Cash and Bank6843.273768.73Loans and Advances4333.666329.97Total Current Assets21307.0021332.1622 more rows

Does ITC have debt?

About Total Debt Based on the latest financial disclosure, ITC LTD has a Total Debt of 2.75 B. This is 49.35% lower than that of the Consumer Defensive sector and 85.65% lower than that of the Tobacco industry. The total debt for all India stocks is 48.28% higher than that of the company.

What’s wrong with ITC share?

Bottom Line — ITC is still a cigarette business trying to build an FMCG empire. … The company has ₹25,000 crores in cash just sitting on its balance sheet. And it generated free cash flows to the tune of ₹11,700 crores(FY20). They have a problem of dealing with too much money.

Does Google have any debt?

Google Inc. added to its cash hoard Monday by issuing $3 billion in corporate debt at low interest rates. It’s the first time Google has tapped the corporate bond market for money. After paying its expenses, Google expects to get about $2.97 billion in proceeds.

Is Facebook Debt Free?

The good news for investors is that Facebook has no debt. It has been operating its business with zero debt and utilising only its equity capital. Investors’ risk associated with debt is virtually non-existent with FB, and the company has plenty of headroom and ability to raise debt should it need to in the future.

Is ITC a zero debt company?

While zero debt on a company validates its financial health, on the other hand, a heavy debt on the company can be taken as a sign to stay away from it. Huge debt restricts a company from expanding and decreases profits. … Few of the debt free companies in India are Maruti Suzuki, ITC, Hero motocorp, Titan company etc.

Which Indian companies are debt free?

Top Debt Free Companies in India 2020Hindustan Unilever.HDFC Life Insurance.SBI Life Insurance.ICICI Prudential Life Insurance.HDFC AMC.Bajaj Holdings & Investment Limited (BHIL)SKF India.Maharashtra Scooters.More items…•

What are debt free companies?

A debt free company is a company which has zero debt on its balance sheet. Though leverage gives a company necessary capital to plan and execute its growth, having zero debt on its balance sheet is sign of strong financials.

Why are ITC shares dropping in 2020?

Why is ITC Ltd stock falling? COVID pandemic and the subsequent lockdown April-May 2020 dented the performance of ITC Ltd in Q1 FY21. Net Profit declined by 26.2% YoY to Rs. 2,343 Cr in June-quarter due to the dampened sales across Cigarette, Hotels and Papers and Packaging business verticals.

What is the turnover of ITC?

458 billion Indian rupeesITC Limited, a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Kolkata, India, reported a revenue of nearly 458 billion Indian rupees in fiscal year 2019.

Is Jio debt free?

RIL raised more than Rs 168,818 crore in just 58 days through Rs 115,693.95 crore collected from investors in Jio and another Rs 53,124.20 crore from a rights issue. … With these investments, RIL has become net debt-free.”

What is virtually debt free?

Companies take loan for saving tax or for maintaining some working capital cash flow obligations. Such comes are called virtually debt free because they can offset their cash reserves with outstanding loan at any point of time. Cupid is virtually debt free.

Will ITC recover?

Now, ITC awaits a bigger hurdle of Rs 208 – its 200-DMA, breaking which the stock is likely to regain some of its lost charm. … ITC has been a laggard in recent times with the shares declining 6 per cent in the past three years compared to a 17 per cent gain in the Nifty and a 28 per cent rise in the Nifty FMCG index.

Is it good for a company to have no debt?

Companies without debt don’t face this risk. There are no required payments, no threat of bankruptcy if the payments aren’t made. Therefore, debt increases the company’s risk. Some people say that all companies should have some debt.

Is ITC a good long term investment?

ITC has been consistently growing year after year since 2000 till year 2019. Its Market Value was just 18 thousand crore in year 2000. Last year 2019, ITC was worth 3.63 lac crore ! The above chart shows its consistent growth for past 19 years.

Is Dmart debt free?

Adjusting for depreciation, the retailer made Rs 480-crore cash profit in the quarter. At this rate, the company may have a significant cash balance by the end of FY20, with negligible or no net debt.