What Can Discretionary Housing Payments Be Used For?

Who can apply for a DHP?

In order to be considered for a DHP, applicants have to demonstrate that they are unable to meet their housing costs from their available income.

To be eligible for a DHP you must be in receipt of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit..

Will the council move me if I have rent arrears?

Most council and housing association tenants can apply for a transfer. If you have rent arrears, you might be refused a transfer unless you come to an agreement to pay off the arrears.

Can Universal Credit help with rent deposit?

How to apply if you get universal credit. You may be able to get a budgeting advance. This can be used for a deposit, rent in advance and removal costs. Or you can speak to your work coach at Jobcentre Plus.

What can DHP be used for?

How a payment can be used. You may be given a DHP to cover housing costs, such as: a rent shortfall, for example, as a result of welfare reforms. rent deposits or rent in advance if you need to move home.

How long can I get discretionary housing payment?

The payment could be made to you or direct to your landlord. There is no limit to length of time over which Discretionary Housing Payments can be made. It could be a one-off or an indefinite award.

How quickly can you get housing benefit?

When you’ve given the council all the information they need to process your claim, you should be paid in 2 weeks.

Can Universal Credit help with moving costs?

If you are eligible for Housing Benefit, or Universal Credit, then you may be able to apply for a DHP, these can be awarded to those that require further financial assistance with housing costs. They can be used for a range of things such as meeting a shortfall in rent, removal costs and deposits.

Will universal credit pay my deposit?

If you receive, or are entitled to, housing benefit or Universal Credit (UC) housing costs, you can apply to your local council for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) for help with the cost of your deposit.

How does a discretionary housing payment work?

A discretionary housing payment (DHP) is an extra payment made by your local council if you’re struggling to pay rent. You don’t need to repay a DHP. You need to be receiving housing benefit or the universal credit housing element to get a DHP.

What is the maximum housing benefit allowance?

The maximum amount of Housing Benefit payable is: 100% of your eligible rent (after any ineligible service charges) If you are not working, your maximum housing benefit will be restricted so that the most you can receive in all benefits paid will be £500 per week for a couple or family or £350 for a single person.

When can you claim housing benefit?

To claim Housing Benefit you usually have to: have a low income or be claiming other benefits. be at least 16 years old – if you’ve been in care you’ll need to be at least 18. either have less than £16,000 in savings or be getting the guarantee part of Pension Credit.

Will universal credit pay my rent arrears?

If you’re behind with your rent If you’re 2 months or more behind on your rent, your landlord can ask for some of your Universal Credit to be paid directly to them. This will help you pay off the debt. … They might be able to give your landlord less money for rent arrears.

Can I get a hardship payment on universal credit?

If your Universal Credit has been cut because of a sanction or penalty for fraud, you might be able to get some emergency money to help you cover household expenses like food and bills. This is called a ‘hardship payment’. A hardship payment is usually a loan, so you’ll have to pay it back when your sanction ends.

Do I have to declare housing benefit to landlord?

A claim is made by using the council tax and housing benefit application form. A tenant does not need to tell you that they have claimed benefit. We can only discuss a benefit claim with a landlord if the tenant has given his or her permission for this to be done.

What is a discretionary benefit?

Discretionary benefits are employment benefits that are not mandated by law. They can include a range of employee benefits, such as health insurance, sick leave, maternity leave, vacation leave, pension plans, life insurance, and prescription drug insurance.

What is a discretionary assistance fund?

A grant to help pay for essential costs, such as food, gas, electricity or clothing after an emergency.

Can discretionary housing payment be backdated?

Can discretionary payments be backdated? Yes, but remember that discretionary housing payments are usually only awarded for short periods of time.

How long does a DHP decision take?

within 2 weeksOnce the council has received all of the right information and evidence, it should make a decision within 2 weeks. Unfortunately, it can take longer, especially if you have not provided all of the information the council needs.